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Wonder sheets partner benefits

1. Double digit growth based industry
2. Unique product with multiple application - so a bigger market
3. Singe product - multiple benefits. so, solution to numerous needs/problems.
4. Best ROI with less competition
5. Excellent training and after sales service support
6. Energy efficient green product and 100% recyclable
7. Opportunity to start own fabrication company and triple the profits
8. Value for money in long term in comparision of traditioal products

Top 5 industry growth facts

1. Indian roofing cladding industry is growing tremendously as a result of high industrial and residential growth.
2. India is one of the most preferred FDI destination due to its population and growth potential.
3. Government planned expenditure on infrastructure and developmental projects is high as per 12th 5 year plan.
4. Consumer is shifting preferances towards eco friendly and energy efficient roofs with least maintenance.
5. Dissatisfaction from conventional options is leading consumer to shift to sustainable roofing solutions. consumer is looking for world class products
Benefits of Wonder sheets:
1) Heat insulation upto 35%.    2) Sound insulation.     3) Resistant to Alkali/Acid and corrosion.    4) Water resistance and fire retardant.    5) Extremely durable & high impact strength.    6) Protection against leakage and wind.     7) High utilization efficiency up to 95%.     8) It can be nailed, drilled & sawn.    9) Cost effective in installation and save construction cost upto 70%.    10) Light weight & easy to install and move.    11) Eco friendly & energy efficient Green product.    12) Long life and high weatherability.    13) Non-Carcinogenic.    14) Increases labor productivity and machinery efficiency.    15) Non-conductor of electricity.
  • Water Proof
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Termite Proof
  • Light Weight & Easy to Install
  • Heat & Sound insulated
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Maintenance Free
  • Beautiful Designs
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Elegant & Economical
  • Can be Painted using PVC, “Duco” & acrylic paints.
  • Sheets can be heat bent and
  • Thermoformedd into any desire able shape.
  • Available in wide range of plain colours and aesthetic prelam veneer designs.
  • Easy to Install
Wonder Bc aids PVC Wall Panelling/Insulated IATall Paneling is ideal substitutes to plywood wall panelling and is available in plain colour and in prelam wood veneer designs. Wonder Boards Wall Panelling can be done on uneven or plastered walk Wonder Boards PVC wall panelling has advantage& like providing better thermal insulation, being maintenance free, 100% water proof, 100% termite proof. It consumes less space, as compared to plywood wall panelling. Wonder Boards PVC wall panelling enhances the looks of the interior environment of hotels, offices, hospitals etc.
Comparison of Solid Wonder Boards PVC Wall Panelling With Competing Materials
Wonder Boadrs PVC Wall Panelling
Hollow Profile Wall Panelling
Veenered Plywood Wall
Predam Particle Board
Environment Friendliness
Environment Friendly. Zero Wood.
Environment Friendly. Zero Wood.
Encourages deforestation made of wood
Wood particles composition
Water Moisture Proof
100% water / moisture proof.
100% water / moisture proof.
Prone to warp due to impact of moistureveneer Delaminates
Warps when particle board absorbs moisture In prelam film bristle formation occurs
Termite Proof
100% termite proof & borer free
100% termite proof & borer free
Borer and termites attack the wood Frame
Prone to attack of termites
Fire Retardant.
Flame Retardant.
Flame Retardant.
Catches foe burns with flame & spreads Fire.
Catches foe burns with flame & spreads Fire.
Carpet area consumed i.e. space saving
PVC Wall Panelling structure i.e.. grid & the panel made by using 5mm thick PVC Sheet thus only lOmm of carpet space is used
25mm x 25mm Aluminum 7tibe grid & further 12ntm thick ho//ow profile panel is fixed thus total 37mm of carpet space is used.
Veneered Plywood Wall paneling structure is done by using wooden grid of size 50trun x 50mm & surface sheet thickness is 4 to 6mm them wall paneling occupy space of approx 55mm
Predam Particle Board veal paneling structure is dons by using aluminum & surface sheet thickness is 9 to l2mm This wall paneling occupy spacious approx 35 to 40mm
Aesthetic Appeal
Excellent, can cover the moil usions without pints woad yeener like finish
Cracks from bent joints. grooves harbor dust. Poor veneer like look of section does not match with each other
Maintenance Free
Maintenance free & washable with light soft detergents.
Maintenance free & washable with light soft detergents.
Requires contaminant treatment and Polishing to maintain.
Due to impact of moisture re termite timely replacement is necessary.
Installation Time
Easy to fix using wood working tools quick to installed.
Easy to fix using wood working tools quick to installed.
Wooden framework has to be fabricated on site, labor oriented and takes more times.
Aluminum framework has to be fabricated on site, labor oriented and takes more times
Prone to Warping Cracks Damage Brittleness
Non brittle does not shatter.
Cracks & brittle in nature.
Does not crack
Does not crack
Wonder Boards PVC False Ceiling IS an ideal substitute to particleboard/ asbestos panel false baling. Wonder Boards PVC sheet of thickness of 3turn is light in weight, 100% waterproof, maintenance free, flame retardant available in pleasing color shade can be arranged in multiple color geometrical design in cut size of 2'x2 firmly placed on aluminum, powder coated metal grid. Wonder Boards PVC False Ceiling has high thermal insulation, re-dues the air-conditioning (Tonnage of refrigeration) cost. Wonder Boards PVC sheet can be made available semi perforated/ perforated structure stuck with h igh de nsity EP S for sound acoustic applications too. Lighting fixture can be suitable fixed on to the grid.
Comparison Between Wonder Boards PVC False Ceiling & Other False Ceilings
Wonder Boards PVC False Ceiling
A.C. Sheet
Gypsum Board
Particle Board
Structural Support System
As Sheet is Light in weight, lighter aluminium frame support works perfectly
As A.C. Sheet is heavy, Reavier fEame wodc is required
Due to higher thickness weight is more heavier fram work is required.
As Particle board is heavy, Heavier frame work is required.
Time taken for installation
Less time as we supply false ceiling panels in size, Which 18 to be kept in the grid directly.
Take more time due to primer painting.
Take more time due to epplying of prime coat, craft paper. drying Period and putty filling
Time consuming
Replacement Of panel & Maintenance
Easy to replace panel & zero maintenance
Require Repairing etc.
Patch work is difficult & time consuming disturbing usages of work area.
Easy to replace panel
Effect of Water
10D% Water Proof.
Absorve Water and can develop fungus.
Absorbs water & spoils board and develop cracks.
Easy to isplace Absorbs water delaminate.
Flame Retardency
Fire Retardants.
Fire Retardants.
Fire Proof
Catches Fire
No Painting
Requires painting which costs extra.
Painting Required.
No Painting.
K Value (Keal/ mh 0 c)
Shatter Proo
Breaks, Cracks
Breaks, Cracks
Does not breaks
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