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Wonder sheets partner benefits

1. Double digit growth based industry
2. Unique product with multiple application - so a bigger market
3. Singe product - multiple benefits. so, solution to numerous needs/problems.
4. Best ROI with less competition
5. Excellent training and after sales service support
6. Energy efficient green product and 100% recyclable
7. Opportunity to start own fabrication company and triple the profits
8. Value for money in long term in comparision of traditioal products

Top 5 industry growth facts

1. Indian roofing cladding industry is growing tremendously as a result of high industrial and residential growth.
2. India is one of the most preferred FDI destination due to its population and growth potential.
3. Government planned expenditure on infrastructure and developmental projects is high as per 12th 5 year plan.
4. Consumer is shifting preferances towards eco friendly and energy efficient roofs with least maintenance.
5. Dissatisfaction from conventional options is leading consumer to shift to sustainable roofing solutions. consumer is looking for world class products
Benefits of Wonder sheets:
1) Heat insulation upto 35%.    2) Sound insulation.     3) Resistant to Alkali/Acid and corrosion.    4) Water resistance and fire retardant.    5) Extremely durable & high impact strength.    6) Protection against leakage and wind.     7) High utilization efficiency up to 95%.     8) It can be nailed, drilled & sawn.    9) Cost effective in installation and save construction cost upto 70%.    10) Light weight & easy to install and move.    11) Eco friendly & energy efficient Green product.    12) Long life and high weatherability.    13) Non-Carcinogenic.    14) Increases labor productivity and machinery efficiency.    15) Non-conductor of electricity.
Q. what types of screws are used to fasten the sheets on a steel structure ?
A. self tapping fasteners/ screws should be used which are punched into the sheet and the purlin. It can be 55mm, 65mm or 75mm in length. We recommend to use wonder sheets fixer set and screws for best results as it protects the joints comprehensively.
Q. is it possible to produce wonder sheet in two colours : one inside and another outside ?
A. we can produce the tile with two colours, one colour outside, the other colour inside.
Q. what is the lowest and highest temperature that the tiles can bear ?
A. the lowest temperature is -10°c and the highest temperature is 70°c. we can make special products for below -20°c
Q. what is the load carrying capacity of the sheets ?
A. load carrying is approx 200 kgs - 250 kgs / sq meter evenly distributed after installation. Also, it depends upon the structure. but a proper installed site can easily allow a 75 kgs man to walk on it.
Q. how much is the bending capability till what degree it can be bend ?
A. the sheet can bend very well for arch type domes. however, if you need to fit sheet between a particular distance, then you have to apply the formula b/a < 0.13 to come to the height of the construction as per recommended. acr type joint technical data
Q. how does it react after getting in contact with fire ?
A. it will retard and only after it gets oxygen above 36°C it will catch fire. the oxygen present in atmosphere is 21% but, if catches fire, very slow it will burn and convert into smoke. if fire is put off, it will stop there and not spread. no hazardous substances are produced during fire. is a Vo category fire retardant product.
Q. what is the process of manufacturing these sheets ?
A. it is manufactured by co-extrusion process. we have japanese technology to manufacture this product.
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